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Introduction to Contact Rugby

Do you want to know how to coach young rugby players to tackle?

You are about to take on one of the most difficult seasons for a young rugby player, the year they learn to tackle. Some kids will take to it like a duck to water and others will really struggle with the idea of contact.

Your job this season is to get the players to feel confident in contact. Put simply they need to feel happy to get in and grab other players. Lets face it the players won’t be tackling like internationals by the end of the season, however, if they are happy to get amongst the action and bring a player to the ground you have done a great job.

You will have two people to win over this season, mum and the player. Mum will be worried her little boy will get hurt every game and so will the player. Your job is to show mum and the young player that tackling is actually just a form of wrestling, much the same as what is done in the back yard.

So how do we increase a players contact confidence?

It’s actually easier than you think. Boys love to wrestle and rumble so that’s the perfect place to start. Usually they are used to being told to stop wrestling or rumbling so do the opposite and let them.

We have devised an enjoyable method for coaching kids contact rugby based on wrestling or the bear hug. Once they understand the 3 key principle of tackle they will find it less daunting. The key principles of a good tackle are;

  • Get close
  • Get low
  • Squeeze tight around both legs

So how do you introduce contact into the training sessions?

As you might have seen in the previous manual (The Beginner Rugby Manual) contact is just one component of the training session. The players need to learn a number of factors to become good rugby players.

What we have done with The Introduction To Contact manual is divide each training session into 4 lots of 10 minute skill development sessions and finish the training session with a modified tackle rugby game to reinforce what they have learnt during the training session.

That's a full hour of quality rugby coaching in which the players will love and be focused for the entirety. At the end of the training session the players would have learnt, had fun and will be tired. Mum will love you for that!

Here are the key learning areas we “tackle” in this manual;

  • Onside and off side  

  • Passing technique
Spacial awareness

  • Running technique

  • Tackle technique and confidence

  • Body height
Ball control, ripping and placing

  • The clean out

As you can see tackling isn’t the only contact you’ll be introducing this year. They will also have to work with the ruck in which they need to learn to clean out. Don’t start to panic the manual has everything needed to make the training sessions easy and enjoyable to coach, all you have to do is pick up the manual and follow the training plan.

What’s the best way to coach kids rugby?

So how do the manuals work?

What do you get when you buy this manual?

Here are some reasons why Junior Rugby coaches have bought these rugby coaching manuals

* It’s a full season’s worth of coaching in one manual - The manual is 20 weeks of training session split into fortnightly skill game rotations. Each training session last 1 hour, with each skill game lasting 10 minutes. The sessions are easy to coach, keep the kids attention and are fun.
* Value for money - 20 weeks of rugby training sessions at $67, that’s around the $3.35 per week and it’s delivered straight to your computer with a simple click. That’s cheaper than a burger at McDonalds and healthier!
* It’s the perfect coaching resource - The manuals are 20 weeks of training sessions laid out from start to finish. They explain what to do, what to say and most importantly what relevance the game has to skill development.
* Increase your repertoire - The manuals have over 40 games designed to coach rugby to players of all skill levels.
* The rugby manuals are progressive - each manual is designed for a set skill level or age, meaning they provide the skills necessary for that age group or skill level and prepare the players for the next level of learning, which will occur the following year.
* Each rugby coaching manual has clear objectives - each manual is designed around the learning objectives of that age or skill level.
* The training sessions are easy to coach - The sessions are segmented into 10 minute time slots maximising the player concentration and capturing interest over the entire 60 minute session.
* The skills learnt are put to test in a modified game at the end - all the skills are used in the 20 minute game at the end of the training session to maximise retention and to prepare the players for the weekend’s game.
* The players love the rugby skill games - the battle of coaching the rugby skills necessary for improvement are wiped away. The players love the games and are happy to train which means they will learn. Gone are the days of coaching repetitive skill drills and constantly having to bring the players into line or regain their concentration.
* No more searching the internet for rugby skill drills - it’s all here from start to finish, just print it out, set up and off you go. When need be simply refer back to the print out to refresh the memory.
* Save it to your iphone - Take it where ever you go, it’s PDF so you can save it to your phone and read it when need be.
* Easy to follow Diagrams - each game has a diagram that explains how to set up and what to do.
* These games have been tested and proven - We have been running Holiday Clinics for the New South Wales Rugby Union and now the Australian Rugby Union in which the games have been put to test in the most critical arena. All players have loved the programs we run.

Introduction to Contact Rugby

Price: $47.00

First Aid 4 Rugby

First Aid 4 Rugby

First Aid 4 Rugby is a practical manual that provides an overview of First Aid procedures in a range of rugby and sporting emergencies. The First Aid 4 Rugby manual is an easy to use guide in an emergency and a comprehensive reference for learning.

  • Price: $30.00 

The Beginners Rugby Manual

The Beginners Rugby Manual

The Beginners Rugby manual is a comprehensive guide to coaching players with little or no experience of rugby. The manual is a 20 week program designed to introduce the players to the basic structures and skills of rugby.

  • Price: $47.00 

The Introduction to the Breakdown and Set Piece

The Introduction to the Breakdown and Set Piece

The Introduction to the Breakdown & Set Piece manual is designed to simplify and teach the most important areas of this facet of Rugby. By the end of the season the players will be confidently winning and controlling the break down and set piece.

  • Price: $47.00