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Manuals Rugby Coaching

Here’s how to coach your players to be the best rugby players possible with our easy to follow, ready to roll out rugby coaching manuals.


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20 Weeks of easy to follow training sessions on your phone or tablet! For less that $20

  • Fun games kids love to play
  • Easy to follow instructions and diagrams
  • Well planned skill game progressions
  • Key teaching points for each game and skill
  • Keep them interested (no more chasing and shouting)
  • Truly improve their game

This will make your life easier!


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Click one of the icons below

Welcome to our rugby coaching manuals page. You are probably here because you coach a junior rugby team and you want to turn your chargers into the best players they can be. That’s great because that is exactly what we plan to help you do.

To make the coaching experience easier for you we have created 3 manuals that will guide you effortlessly through a full 20 week rugby season. Its great, you won’t have to search the net feverishly every afternoon before the training session, instead all you’ll have to do is pick up your manual turn to the required week and refresh your memory.

Each manual is designed to make the coaching experience easy, highly effective (we want your chargers to be the best for the sake of rugby’s future) and most importantly enjoyable for you and the players.

I have pooled all our experience from coaching junior rugby teams, running club coaching sessions, 100s of school holiday clinics and school P.E. lessons into these manuals. We have made all the mistakes so that you don’t have to, all you have to do is follow the manuals and reap the rewards.

Below is a short overview of how each manuals will help you. Have a look and click on the manuals to read more information. If you want to download a FREE Overview of the Beginners Rugby Manual click here, you’ll receive a PDF of the first week and the manual’s content.

Good luck with the rugby season and if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at


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The Beginners Rugby manual

The Beginners Rugby manual is a comprehensive guide to coaching players with little or no experience of rugby. The manual is designed primarily for players under the age of 7 years old playing non-contact rugby, however, the structure of the manual and its games can be used for players of all ages beginning rugby.

The manual covers all the questions a coach might ask when coaching beginners, what to say, how to say it and most importantly what relevance the games have in a players learning curve.

The manual is a 20 week program designed to introduce the players to the basic structures and skills of rugby. The Beginners Rugby manual is the first in a line of progressive coaching manuals providing the coach with a pathway of junior development. Each year of the pathway is designed with key learning objectives in mind which are recapped and built on year by year.

The Beginners Rugby manual covers the first key learning areas of;
Onside and off side  
Passing technique
Spacial awareness
Running technique

The Beginners Rugby manual is the first in a line of manuals that build the basis of a junior players skill set. 

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The Introduction to Contact Rugby

The first year of contact rugby is a crucial point in a players career, if the player becomes comfortable with contact early in their career they are far more likely to enjoy the game, get less injured and progress in their skill acquisition. It is also the year that most mums dread as they envisage their sons/daughters tackling like professionals on TV.

The introduction to Contact Rugby manual is designed to make this transition from non-contact rugby to contact rugby easy and fun. The players will be guided through 20 weeks of games which increase their confidence and ability in contact.

The Introduction to Contact Rugby manual is a great resource for rugby coaches trying to find the happy medium between skill development, technique development and fun coaching sessions. The players will look forward to each weekly coaching session and the coach will have them captivated and be amazed as to how quickly the time flies by.

The Introduction to Contact Rugby manual builds on the skills learnt in the previous manual The Beginners Rugby manual, recapping with familiar games and adding the new skills through new exciting games.

The Introduction to Contact Rugby manual covers the following key learning areas;
Onside and off side  
Passing technique
Spacial awareness
Running technique
Tackle technique and confidence
Body height
Ball control, ripping and placing
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