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Rugby Coaching Tips

Coaching is a fun and rewarding experience with the odd sprinkling of trauma.  We understand that as a father you often get thrown in the deep end and asked to coach your sons team so we have pulled together a number of tips to help you coach young players (not to say these tips can't be used for older players as well). We will continually update this page and add to the coaching tips. The main basis for all coaching sessions should be learning oriented (process based) and fun.Click on the icon on the left to link to an expanded version of the preferred tip.



Tips for Coaching Young Kids

Coaching young kids can be a challenge regardless of the number of years experience you have had. All kids are different and all kids learn differently and at different stages. This is your chance to revert back to being a kid and coaching in their world. We have pulled together a number of tips to help you adapt your training sessions.


Why use games and not drills to coach junior rugby teams?

Firstly one of the major truths we as coaches have to face is that kids are playing for fun. If a kid isn't having fun they will stop playing or begin to resent the sport, regardless of how much coaxing the parent may resort to. Therefore, with this in mind why don't we take a different tact and convert fun games kids enjoy into games that can develop their rugby skills.


No place for the selfish coach

"ARE you the coach or manager of your child's sport team? Does your child spend the most time on the field and generally get more chance to shine than others in the team? Then hang your head in shame.

Every extra minute your child gets in play is a minute stolen from another child - a child who joined the team hoping to play sport, not watch your child play sport." Sydney Morning Herald 


Coaching Passing to Young Players

Passing is one of the fundamentals of the rugby game. Players need to learn the basics of the pass correctly and put it into action as much as possible. Passing to or at moving targets is one of the least trained aspect of rugby, even though it is actually the easiest to coach. 


Coaching Body Height to Young Players

Body height is probably one of the key learning points of Rugby. Teaching your players to get lower into contact is one of the hardest aspects. Unfortunately all the players sees is legs,with big knees, moving towards them at high speed and naturally they think pain.

first Aid Tips


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